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Your one stop location in Kudla for the best seafood and ethnic cuisines in the world

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Talking of coastal cities, the first thought to strike us is obviously the seafood here. Mangalore offers visitors a variety of dishes and restaurants from delicious seafood. Being a port city Mangalore enjoys ample supply of fresh fish and other edible aquatic life that are relished by coastal food lovers. No wonder, the seafood of Mangalore is highly favored and savored by Mangalorean’s and tourists alike. Here is a list of some restaurants you should definitely visit in Mangalore.

Hotel Narayana 


How many people’s mouth have started watering after hearing this Hotels name. This little restaurant tucked near the old port was opened to serve the people working in the port but the word soon spread about its delicious dishes and today it is an iconic eatery. Its fish dishes are a must-try for any coastal food lover. Literally, the fish curry and the fried varieties here are so tasty beyond words, many people recommended this and it also explained the queue like there was no tomorrow. A special mention goes out to a powder given along with the fried fish which is an actually the fried remains but is oh so tasty, don’t miss it. Not to mention this place is extremely friendly in the pocket with consideration to seafood.

Giri Manja’s 

Giri Manja’s is one such seafood restaurant and might be the best among all the others. An old house which has been converted into a restaurant, the interiors makes visitors feel at home and relaxed with its peaceful ambiance and cheerful servers that too at an affordable price. whatever you order is so tasty and fresh that even words cant describe them. There are no seating issues to the maximum wait is not more than ten minutes. The variety and taste of fish delicacies served at this place have endeared it to seafood lovers.

Gajalee Seafood Restaurant

Gajalee wholly lives up to its reputation in Mangalore by serving up some of the best seafood in the city. Although pricier than the other options on the list. Gajalee Sea Food is a traditional restaurant that is adored by coastal food lovers in Mangalore due to the authentic taste of the food. This place is always full of people relishing delicious seafood dishes, excellent service provided by the staff here. It offers an exquisite variety of both local as well as continental fish preparations.

Madhuvan’s Village

Maduvan’s is a very popular destination for fish lovers. The restaurant caters for families and serves various cuisines from places such as North Indian, Chinese, Continental and Mughlai. The décor with its thatched roof, mud pots, and wooden items give a sense of being in a rural area or a village. It’s a great place to go with your family for a dinner filled with delicious food, loved ones, and a calming ambiance.Has a huge parking area. The ambiance has a quiet and classy vibe to it and is welcomed by scrambling crabs at the walkway. You could pick one of these if u wanted a crab dish.

Machali Restaurant

This place boasts of some of the finest fish dishes the city has to offer, is pretty decently priced and is highly recommended. If you are a seafood lover then Machali Restaurant is one of the favorite restaurant destinations in Mangalore. They are specialized in authentic GSB Style cooked fish. Courtesy of this strategic location, foodies in and around the neighborhood can walk into this eating house conveniently without facing any hassles related to commuting to this part of the city.

Maharaja family Restaurant


The place offers awesome local cuisine. Maharaja is a famous restaurant in Mangalore that’s preferred by families looking for a place to have an affordable lunch or dinner. It has an outdoor seating area as well as a spacious air-conditioned section. Maharaja is well-known for its star attraction being the veg and non-vegetarian ghee roast. If you are craving for some authentic Mangalorean food, for a reasonable price, this is the place.

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