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World’s Most Expensive Coffee Now Available at Coorg!!!

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There are many coffee lovers who loves to explore different kinds of coffee, but their quest for the best coffee in the world will not be complete until they taste the coffee called the Civet coffee.

In picture: Civet Cat

The unique thing in this coffee is, its made from Civet cat’s poop, that is the reason for that to be so costlier. It is mainly produced on the Indonesian island of Sumatra but now, India, Asia’s third-largest producer and exporter of coffee, has started producing this world’s most expensive coffee, on a small scale in Coorg district of Karnataka.

The Civet coffee, also called as Luwark coffee, is very expensive because of uncommon method of producing such a coffee. It is made from coffee beans that have been partially digested by the Asian palm civet, a weasel-like animal that looks a lot like a cat. These wild animals eat coffee beans as part of their balanced diet. The feces of this cat are then collected, processed and sold as Kopi Luwak. It is believed that the natural enzymes secreted while digestion improves the taste and flavor of the coffee beans.


It is highly priced because it is claimed to be more nutritious and high cost involved in sourcing the animal dropping, wastage during processing and quality certification. Civet coffee, a drink of elite consumed widely in the Gulf nations and Europe, is sold for Rs 20,000-25,000/kg.

Here in the country’s largest coffee-growing Karnataka state, a start-up firm, Coorg Consolidated Commodities (CCC), has made a humble beginning of making this luxury coffee on a small scale. “Initially, 20 kg of civet coffee was produced. After establishing the start-up firm, 60 kg was produced in 2015-16 and 200 kg last year. We hope half a tonne production from the new crop to be harvested from October,” says Narendra Hebbar, one of the founders of CCC.

The exotic coffee is being sold locally under the brand ‘Ainmane’, presently the company has only one outlet at Club Mahindra Madikeri Resort. Soon there will be more number of cafe and outlets where ‘Coorg Luwark Coffee’ will be sold.

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