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Why Every Big Car Launch Has A Woman Next To The Vehicle?

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Crowds are a draw, we humans see a crowd and think “Wow!!!what’s going on?” We wander over, see what the commotion is about, and then perhaps we’ll stroll through the rest of the display and take notice of the actual product that’s being sold or marketed. Crowd are normally drawn to this kind of event and the combination of a pretty young lady and a nice car is the bomb. Besides, humans are generally attracted to face rather than machines. The idea behind the auto-show is to attract customers to the vehicle. The presence of a promo model makes this easy!

Who isn’t attracted to a pretty female face dressed in an inviting way? It is no surprise that ladies are used when it comes to showing off the latest cars to customers. Connection between a car and a hot woman is not exactly obvious, but it is evident that it appears to be a big hit. No wonder, every major player from Audi to BMW, Volkswagen, Tata Motors and Nissan have turned to pretty models and actresses to get the message across.

When a product is linked with anything attractive, competitive and expensive, advertisers target the instinctive part of the mind to convey it as a desirable product. That’s why when an attractive lady poses with a car, the sexualised image with the fitted dresses, deep necks and pouty lips plays an important role in the overall message.

Hence, hiring a model is a way to drive traffic to your booth or display. Additionally beautiful woman + a cool car = good photo, hiring a model increases the odds that someone will take photos of your product/booth/display and share them online, in a magazine, etc. So basically, there are a lot of very smart marketing and PR reasons to pair models and cars at car shows.

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