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Why Does Armpit Sweat Smell Worse Than Sweat From Other Places?

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How come women always seem colder than men?

The fairer sex has a higher percentage of body fat and conserves more heat around the core. The fairer sex has a higher percentage of body fat and conserves more heat around the core. Metabolism is the rate food is processed inside our bodies to create energy for breathing, circulation and cell growth, which in turn creates heat. For women who spend most of their workday sitting in offices, their metabolic rate is around 35 percent lower than men’s  meaningless body heat is made and feeling colder from the inside out

Why does room temperature coffee taste so bad?

The temperature affects flavor, even if you follow the steps to brew the perfect coffee.  Researchers in Belgium found that certain taste bud receptors are most sensitive to food molecules that are at or just above room temperature. So hot coffee may seem less bitter because our bitter-detecting taste buds aren’t as sensitive when coffee is hot. Odors influence flavor as well, so even the most bitter hot coffee may taste delicious because of its pleasant aroma, room temperature coffee doesn’t smell the same.

How come you wake up at night to urinate but not to do anything else?

Getting a good night’s sleep is hard enough without getting up to pee every hour called “nocturia,” having to go during the night is actually incredibly common and according to research in The Journal of Urology it happens more often to women than men. In fact, the research found that up to 44 percent of women ages 20 to 40 get up to pee at least once a night, while up to 18 percent pee at least twice a night. The sophisticated, intelligent neurons in your gut that control colon contractions, which push out waste, are also influenced by your body’s circadian rhythm, the internal clock that wakes you when it’s light out and makes you feel sleepy at night. So most people don’t have the urge to empty their colon in the middle of the night. On the other hand, the bladder, which acts a reservoir for the continuous flow of urine produced in the kidneys, can stretch only up to a certain volume before you gotta go.

Why does armpit sweat smell worse than sweat from other places?

The human body has 2 types of sweat glands. The first type is called an eccrine sweat gland. These are located all over the body and produce mostly watery sweat. The other kind is called apocrine sweat glands. Apocrine sweat glands are found in the armpits and groin areas. The glands in your armpits release an oily substance, which bacteria love. It’s actually the bacteria eating the oil that releases the telltale stench.

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