Unique Places in Mangalore, Which We Are Not Aware Of!!!

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Sammilan Shetty’s Butterfly Park Beluvai, Mangalore

Sammilan Shetty’s Butterfly Park was set up in the year 2011 by Sammilan Shetty, a young nature lover and butterfly enthusiast. Situated at Belvai, near Moodabidri at the foothills of the Western Ghats, the park is a treasure house of a wide variety of butterflies belonging to this region. The park is developed on natural greenery and the butterflies are also natural inhabitants of the park. The park respects the butterfly’s freedom and no dome or enclosure is maintained to keep them trapped within the park. Only suitable conditions which are conducive to different varieties of butterflies are created to attract them to the park.

The park is being run with service motive and is not a commercial undertaking. Sammilan Shetty’s Butterfly Park is a dedicated effort for education and conservation of butterflies. They even provide PowerPoint presentation & Lecture about butterflies. Visitors can walk through park where they can watch butterflies, their eggs, caterpillars and pupa in their natural habitat and even they are allowed to take photography.

For more details and navigation you can visit to their website: www.naadle.com

Tannirbhavi Tree Park is an initiative by the Karnataka Forest Department and is set up in an area close to 15 hectares near Tannirbhavi Beach. This Tree Park include few specific tree species found in Western Ghats. It will also include trees/plants which are of herbal and medical nature. Spread over two portions of land – nine acres of Gurupur river-front land and another 22.5 acres on the beachfront. The park also has a children’s area, a cultural area, a food court, beachfront amenities and much more. The amenities include an information kiosk, beach volleyball court, and beachfront relaxation area with pergolas for those who want to stretch their visit beyond the Tree Park.

Adyar waterfalls, Adyar Mangalore

Adyar waterfalls are around 12 kms drive from the Mangalore city. This waterfall has no official name, the locals named it after the place it is located i.e. Adyar. There are in fact two waterfalls nearby in Adyar, which is at a gap of 200 meters. Both these places can be easily located by the roaring sound of the waterfall. When you take a trek down to this place you will easily find some helpful locals who can guide you to locate this waterfall.

Many of the Mangaloreans are not aware of this beautiful waterfall or they may not have visited. This is one of the recommended place to visit in Mangalore and enjoy.

Prasad Art Gallery

Prasad Art Gallery, the preferred destination in Mangalore for art lovers. It has been a regular fixture in their circuit since 1994. This gallery is the brainchild of Mr. K. Koti Prasad Alva, an informed Mangalorean with intentions to promote art education among the young and the old the experts as well as the amateurs. Art, as a creative subject is losing out to its more illustrious rivals in professional and managerial studies; while it remains posted as a pastime, a passing hobby.

Exhibitions, group or one-man-shows, are routine affairs that finds immense support from the critics as well as the general public. Demonstrations are often conducted in the gallery that is authored by renowned, commercially successful artists as well as budding talents that are on the lookout for positive attention. The Lalitha Kala Academy has also lent their artists from various regions of Karnataka an invite to display their artwork as part of an exchange programme at this attractively furnished and easily accessible Gallery. The crowning glory for Prasad Art Gallery is the support that it receives from “Artists Combine” with regards to the functioning and promotion of ‘Prasad Art Gallery’ and ‘Prasad School of Art’. To see the magic firsthand, drop-in anytime between 9:30am to 7:30pm. Ambience defines the mood; the art-works speak for themselves…..
For more details and navigation you can visit to their website: www.naadle.com

The Mahatma Gandhi Museum, Mangalore

Mahatma Gandhi museum has been the attraction of all the tourists visiting Mangalore. It is basically an educational museum with some rarest of the rare collections. The museum has been a source of enlightenment for students from like more than seven decades. A visit to the museum will definitely enlighten you about the simple lifestyle followed by Mahatma Gandhi. The collection of the artifacts includes a wide range of skeletons and skulls. The collection of paintings is also very rich. The paintings are so intricately made that they speak for themselves. They take you back to the era of colonialism. The black and white paintings especially draw your attention to the life of people before 1947. They are so minutely detailed that you can read the year on the hoardings as well.

The museum also hosts some of the very popular traditional art and crafts of Karnataka. Handicrafts including wood carving and stone carving will delight you. The art of sandalwood carving is also displayed exclusively in the museum. The aura of sandalwood and rosewood will captivate you. Honestly! The sandalwood incense sticks are yet another attraction in the museum. There is a section of African exhibits in the museum which is also a key attraction. The museum hosts some non – Indian specimens which are not to be found in any other museum in Karnataka. The museum is a home to antlers of different sorts of deer, skeleton of whales, ostrich eggs and a wide collection of corals, shell etc. You can also find an elephant foot and fetus of animals preserved in some chemicals. A range of instruments like an old radio, a typewriter, old utensils and antique gadgets are also a part of this museum.

Bejai Museum, Mangalore

The Bejai Museum is situated in the main Bejai Road, which is in the heart of Mangalore city. The other name for Bejai museum is the Seemanthi Bai Government Museum and its gates were opened to its visitors in 1960. It is the only museum in Mangalore. When visiting this museum you would be visited by nostalgia and get lost in the glorious past of Mangalore and Indian history. The museum is opened for its visitor daily and a minimum entry fee of Rs 2 is charged for adults and Rs 1 for children The Bejai museum is a storehouse of paintings and coin collections of different eras of India’s past. The Bejai Museum is very well connected and you can reach the museum using local public transport while traveling there by road.

Konaje Kallu, Moodbidiri

One need not go too far off places to enjoy nature’s quietude and give your lungs a whip of fresh air or an oxygen therapy. Located 8kms from Moodabidri and around 43kms from Mangalore on the Naravi road is a pair of large granite monoliths called Konaje Kallu. The twin peaks of Konaje Kallu is a trekkers paradise which can be seen from the Arabian Sea route from Bombay to Mangalore.. The forest area surrounding the place is the home to variety of wild animals and birds. There is a rock cave in the interior of the forest area, which were used by ancient ascetics. Many pre-historic stone-age structures have also been found here. In Tulu Konaje Kallu is called as Kodinje Kallu. Twin rocks which beckon rock climbers. 346 meter above sea level and 244 meter above the base.

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