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The Pond That Changes Colour With Weather!!!

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There are many amazing places in the World one may come across, some may be natural and others may be man-made. One such peculiar place is the Japanese artificial pond in Biei, Hokkaido. It is famous because it changes colour in accordance with the weather.The locals in the remote village call it as the ‘Blue Pond’ as it has shades of blue and green. The pond is the by-product of the erosion control system that was built to protect Biei from the volcanic eruption of Mount Tokachi. The pond changes colour because of the presence of high amounts of Aluminium Hydroxide in the water that can reflect blue light just like Earth’s atmosphere.If you are snow lovers, Winter is the best time to visit here as you can capture this stunning snow white land when it’s lit up. The best time to travel during winter is from December to February.During Spring you can see fresh young leaves on the trees and is one of the best times to enjoy the beauty of the pond. The best time to travel is from March to May.During Summer you can witness the beauty of the pond to the fullest as it charms by its radiance. Even a slight breeze can change its overall appearance. The best time to travel is from June to August.

During Autumn or Fall, the reflection of the orange, yellow and red leaves on the pond’s surface are extremely beautiful. The best time to travel is from September to November.
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