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The Mysterious Ghost Who Still Protects India’s Border

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Believe it or not, military mythology is a thing. We have all seen Smart, young people of their country doing duty in their country’s Army but anyone has seen a Ghost doing duty in the Army of any country? Yes, it happened and happens only in India. This is the story of Baba Harbhajan Singh, an Indian Army soldier, who died in 1986 but his soul is believed to still be protecting his brothers-in-arms at the border.

Major “Baba” Harbhajan Singh was an Indian army soldier. He is revered as the “Hero of Nathula” by soldiers of the Indian army, who built a shrine in his honor. Born in a village in Punjab in 1941, Harbhajan Singh enrolled himself in the Indian Army in 1956. In 1965, he was granted a commission and was posted to serve with the14 Rajput Regiment. The year 1968 saw heavy rainfall and vicious floods in the region. On 4 October 1968, while escorting a mule caravan from his battalion headquarters at Tukla to Deng Chukla, Harbhajan Singh fell into a fast flowing stream and was washed away. The search for his body continued for a couple of days but was abandoned due to inclement weather and one day, Harbhajan Singh appeared in the dream of one of the sepoys in his unit. In the dream, Harbhajan Singh informs his colleague that he was no longer alive and told him the exact spot where his body would be found. He asked him to construct a samadhi at the spot where his body would be found.

Adding that he would always patrol the area and never give up being a soldier, Harbhajan Singh disappeared from the sepoy’s dream. When the man woke up, he dismissed the dream as a manifestation of his grief for Harbhajan Singh’s loss. It wasn’t until another member of the same unit had the same dream down to the last detail that suspicions got aroused. It seemed an incredible coincidence that two people could have dreamed the same sequence of events. Soon, a search party was dispatched to the spot that had been described in the dream, and the late Sepoy Harbhajan Singh’s body was found. He was cremated with full military honors and a samadhi was made at Chhokya Cho as per the wishes that he had expressed in his dream.


Over the years, many soldiers in the area began seeing Harbhajan Singh in their dreams, where he instructed them of loopholes and unprotected areas from where the Chinese could attack. Caretakers of the Samadhi would swear that each morning, the bed sheets would appear crushed as if someone had slept in the bed the previous night and the carefully polished boots would be soiled and covered with mud.

The Indian Army soon realized the importance of the Late Sepoy Harbhajan Singh and in honor of his contribution, he was posthumously promoted to Honorary Captain. Even a pay-check would be sent to his home in Kapurthala every month, and more interestingly, he would be allotted annual leave on September 14 every year. Soldiers would pack his trunk with basic essentials and ‘Capt Harbhajan’ would be accompanied by two soldiers all the way to Kapurthala by train and brought back after a month the same way. This tradition continued for years until he was retired a few years back.

Even today, jawans posted at the Nathu-La post firmly believe that Singh’s ghost protects them. Soldiers even believe that his ghost warns them of an impending attack at least three days in advance. Even the Chinese, during flag meets, set a chair aside to honor Harbhajan Singh. The water from his shrine is believed to heal ailing soldiers.

He has been moving steadily up the ranks and is currently an Honorary Captain whose salary is sent to his family. It’s believed that baba not only protects the 3,000-odd men of the Nathula brigade who guard the 14,000-feet high border point with China but gives them a three-day advance notice of any attack.

The carpeted central room in the shrine is occupied by a brass bust and large framed portraits of the young soldier. Singh’s shrine is guarded by barefooted soldiers, and his uniform and boots are cleaned on a daily basis. Stories about his ghost visiting the camps at night and even waking up the soldiers who sleep while on watch, are massively popular and very regular.

Now what you call of this weird but true story happening in Indian Army. Interestingly, one of his old colleague Mr. Pyara Singh of Jallandhar District of Punjab has put a Court Case against Indian Army & Ministry of Defense for allowing such weird Dead worship of a person who was dead long ago.

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