Sunday holiday for petrol pumps from May 14; no night shift either

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Bengaluru: The Karnataka Federation of Petroleum Traders announced on May 04, 2017 that the Petrol pumps will be closed every Sunday starting May 14 and all the 3,000 filling stations in Karnataka will be open only for 12 hours during the daytime from May 15 onwards.

But considering the convenience of motorists, the federation has allowed petrol pumps on highways to operate at night as well as on Sundays. The exception won’t apply to Bengaluru.
The decision came after the federation decided to join the agitation launched by the Consortium of Indian Petroleum Dealers (CIPD) demanding an end to “anomalies” in dealers’ commission.

Federation president B R Ravindranath said the Centre had failed to settle several long-pending issues pertaining to dealers’ commission. “The Apurva Chandra committee had recommended revision of dealers’ commission every six months. But even six years after it submitted the report, there has been no action while our operation costs have increased manifold,”
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