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The Story Of Air India’s Iconic Mascot ‘Maharajah’!!!

The Story Of Air India's Iconic Mascot 'Maharajah'- Naadle
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In India, there are mascots by which brands are recognized. These mascots are entertaining and make the brand/product popular. One such loved mascot is Air India’s ‘Maharajah’. It has a special place in the hearts of the citizens of India. Here is the story of Air India’s iconic mascot.

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India was a land of ‘Maharajas’ and Air India was its only International flight flying to destinations such as Cairo, Prague, Damascus, Zurich and Istanbul. So SK (Bobby) Kooka, who was then a Commercial Director with Air India wanted a mascot that would represent India’s royalty and elegant living.The mascot was sketched by Umesh Rao, an artist at J Walter Thompson in Bombay. The creators gave the mascot a distinctive personality, luxuriant moustache, aquiline nose and the quintessentially Indian turban. The ‘Maharajah’ became the royal mascot for Air India’s promotion and advertisements.Until 2017 the Maharajah came in traditionally dressed in various garbs. Later he changed his attire to blue jeans, trainers and a low-slung satchel to align himself with the modern times. The Maharajah has won numerous national and international awards for Air India for originality in advertising and publicity.
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