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Say No To Made In China

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China is dominating India at business and as well as at border. Chinese are to much dedicated towards their nation. You will be surprised if you get to know the strategy China uses to promote their business.

Entire world is using Chrome as the browser but people in China use UC Browser, which is developed by Chinese mobile Internet company UCWeb. We use Google as the search engine but they use Bai du, it is search engine for website, developed by Chinese web services company Baidu, Inc. Quit shocking fact is that around 1.75 Billion users all over the world use whatsApp but Chinese didn’t allow whatsapp to rule their market they use We Chat. It is a Chinese mobile application software developed by Tencent. Instead of using Amazon they use Alibaba.com. It is the leading Chinese platform for global wholesale trade.

Everyone has accepted gmail as the e-mail service provider but Chinese use only QQ.com, it is developed by Chinese Tencent company. As everyone know Facebook has created an history. We  hardly find a person without Facebook account but let me tell you one thing, Chinese didn’t allow Facebook to rule Chinese software market. They replaced Facebook with renren. The Renren Network, formerly known as the Xiaonei Network is a Chinese social networking service. Most trending online news and social networking service is Twitter which is used by entire world but these smart people introduced weibo to replace twitter. We use YouTube but they use Youku. Youku is a  video hosting service based in Beijing, China.

To promote individual and corporate firm entire Chinese stand with eachother. They show unity by using the products and software developed by China. Chinese market is very popular in India. Oppa and Vivo are the two major phones which are dominating the market. Now everyone prefer these phones. Electronic goods, machinery, organic chemicals, iron and steels, transport and equipments, medical pharma products and textile and yarn fabric are imported from China to India.

Just think a minutes before purchasing any products. Let me clarify onething “Indirectly each and everyone are helping China to develop their Economy”. It is not only the responsibility of the Indian soldier to protect our nation, it’s a responsibility of each and every individual in this country. May be we cannot guard our country at the borders, we cannot fight in the war but as the responsible citizen of the nation we can help our motherland by purchasing the products made in India. Just think for a minute if we can promote and buy the products made in China and increase their economy. Then why cannot we boycott Chinese products and promote only the Indian goods. By doing this our nation income will also be increased.  Let us join our hand together and and say no to products which are “Made in China”. 

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