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RTI Rule Which You Must Be Aware Of!!!!

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A Right To Information (RTI) application filed by Advocate Hariom Jindal revealed that the total waiting time for any vehicle at a toll plaza cannot exceed three minutes. This means that a person travelling on roads where tolls are collected can pass free of cost if they wait in queues for more than three minutes.

The next time your wait at a toll booth exceeds three minutes, you could drive right through without paying. Y Rajeev Reddy, former chief general manager of NHAI-Karnataka said: “As per NHAI rules, we should not collect toll from a vehicle which has been waiting in queue at a toll plaza for more than three minutes. The maximum time for processing fee at the user counter is 30 seconds and 2 minutes 50 seconds is the time required for a vehicle to wait for its turn in the queue.

According to the rule and as stated in the RTI write copy, if made to wait for more than three minutes at the toll booth, the toll operator does not have the authority to impose a toll on the users.

This rule is not applicable for all the tolls because of traffic congestion. For example  Brahmarakootlu toll booth on NH75 near BC Road is plagued by delays since there are only two lanes on the busy Mangaluru-Bengaluru highway but the three-minute toll rule would not apply, NHAI said.”The inconvenience is due to land acquisition problems. We will soon acquire land to make provision for another lane. That rule does not apply due to insufficient number of lanes being present,” NHAI project director Vijay Kumar said.

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