Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Unique Gift To Ivanka Trump!!!

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for gifting unique and unusual gifts that showcase the heritage and culture of India. US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump who is in India for the 8th edition of Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in Hyderabad was gifted a traditionally handcrafted box by our Prime Minister.The box was made in Sadeli Craft style and is expected to serve as a reminder of her Hyderabad visit. This is a highly skilled craft technique native to Surat. The decorative technique of Sadeli is a type of micro mosaic with repeating geometric patterns. It has had a long history in India and the Middle East with early examples dating back to the 16th century and gained popularity during the 19th century.Bombay became the centre of making and these imported wares became known as ‘Bombay Boxes’. This style was traditionally used to decorate doors, windows and furniture. But today it used to make jewellery boxes, containers and photo frames.
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