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Pani Puri Without Human Touch?

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Who says no to Panipuri!!! It is a common street snack, loved by all age group of people. Despite being one of the most beloved of street foods, it is often avoided over concerns of  hygienic conditions of the street vendors. Having street food and not falling ill will be a dream come true. While they look delicious the worry to fall sick again usually stops many of us from eating street food. Well, the good news is that a group of engineering students from Manipal Institute of Technology have come to the rescue with a unique innovation ” a paani puri dispenser“.


Electro Foodies, a team of four fourth year students Sahas Gembali, Neha Srivastava, Sunanda Somu and Karishma Agrawal  from MIT, Manipal created an automated pani puri vending machine, which automates the entire process, while the ingredients can still be made to suit your taste by the vendor. The idea came from wanting to make one of India’s most loved snacks more hygienic while increasing sales for the vendor. The innovation has bagged the first prize at the national finale of Ink Makers held at T-Hub in Hyderabad.

Starting from dispensing of puris, the device makes holes on the puris, fills it with the stuffing and dips it in the paani! The automated vending machine needs a person only to refill the raw materials. The students believe it will cater to the Indian audience in the global market too.

Sahas Gembali said the story behind building this prototype is quite interesting. Teammates had been to their favorite chat wala Tiwari Chaat, a local chat vendor near their college only to find that he was short on manpower that day. “We had ordered our dishes  but he was busy serving everyone waiting in the line for panipuri. We realised that serving panipuri is a very repetitive and mundane task and this is something that needs to be automated and in the process, we can tackle issues such as hygiene and sell panipuri anytime and anywhere. We also felt that panipuri was not given enough recognition in the global market. There are so many Indians abroad and I am sure that they would want to have panipuri any day. We hence decided to develop a machine and started working on the prototype”.


Through the machine, panipuri would be sold not only in India but for the global market. We spent about six months working on the prototype. It releases the puris, makes the holes on the puris, fills it with the stuffing and pani, and all this at the push of a button. It has a control panel in the front and since it is a vending machine, it is ideal to be placed in malls. This could be an opportunity to display advertisements and thus the machine flaunts a smart panel for advertisements.

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