National Girl Child Day…!!

National Girl Child Day...!!-naadle
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The National Girl Child Day is celebrated in India every year on January 24. The day was first initiated in 2008 by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. The objective is to highlight the inequalities faced by girls, promote awareness on a range of topics including rights of a girl child, importance of education, health, and nutrition. Gender discrimination is a huge problem which includes vast areas including inequality in education, legal rights, and honour, to name a few. In 2019, the National Girl Child Day falls on today. National Girl Child Day...!!-naadle

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A scheme by the Women and Child Development called ‘Dhanalakshmi’ ensures that cash is transferred to the family of the girl child for basic needs such as immunization, birth registration and school maintenance up to Grade 8. The National Girl Child Day is celebrated by organising various events across the country.


  • To increase awareness among the people and offer girl child with new opportunities.
  • To ensure every girl enjoys all the human rights.
  • To increase awareness regarding gender inequality.
  • To address girl child issues.
  • To get rid of all the inequalities faced by women in society.

Girl Child Rights          

 The Government of India has introduced various schemes and steps to ensure every girl child enjoys a better life. Here are few rights in India:

  • Using ultrasound tests for gender discrimination is illegal in India.
  • Girl child marriages have been restricted.
  • ‘Save the Girl Child’ has been introduced by the government.
  • Established open learning system for girls belonging to backward classes does not face any issues.
  • Various Self-Help groups have been introduced by the government to ensure a better livelihood for girls in rural areas.


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