Musical Pillars Of Vittal Temple Hampi Are Proof That Ancient Indian Architecture Was Expert..!!

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The ingenious technology and architectural marvels of ancient India still stand strong and are no less than the wonders of the world. One such awe-inspiring ancient building doesn’t only have beautiful carvings but has sonorous pillars. We are talking about the Vittala temple of Hampi. The pillars create a variety of different music and sounds, perplexing archeologists and scientist. This structure called the music hall is now closed for renovation. Here is a pillar which shows a man playing ancient drums. The Musical Pillars Of The Ranga Mantapa

The large Ranga Mantapa is well known for its 56 musical pillars. These pillars are also known as SaReGaMa pillars, which are attributed to the musical notes emerging out of them. The musical notes can be heard when the pillars are gently tapped. One can find a set of main pillars and also several smaller ones at the mantapa. Each pillar provides support to the ceiling of the mantapa, and the main pillars are designed in the manner of musical instruments. Every main pillar is wrapped by 7 minor pillars and these minor pillars emit different musical notes. Every note coming out of these pillars vary in their sound quality and also change as per the percussion, string or wind instrument being played. The British refused to believe that solid pillars could produce beautiful music that too resembling different instruments. Therefore, two of the pillars were cut open. To their dismay, there was nothing sonorous inside matching their expectations. The main pillars are carved out of a huge rock and the supporting pillars are cut in varying length and width to produce different sounds.Many tests have been conducted to determine the technique used in the formation of these pillars including low-frequency ultrasonic testing, impact-echo testing, etc. The results showed the stone masons could skillfully discern the sound probability and cut the stone to such sizes and shapes.

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