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Mira Rajput breaks traffic rules, but the way she dealt with the cops was unexpected

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As per a TOI report, Mira Rajput got into trouble with traffic cops for parking her car in the ‘No Parking’ zone a few days back. But when the traffic personnel caught her and fined her, she gave in and apologized for her mistake. She even paid the fine without raising any question.

“Usually in matters like these stars/star wives argue to let go off the fine, but Mira was very polite and didn’t hesitate to pay. The car driver has also been fined for jumping the signal in the past,” a police official was quoted in the same report.
naadle Source: https://www.msn.com/en-in/entertainment/bollywood/mira-rajput-breaks-traffic-rules-but-the-way-she-dealt-with-the-cops-was-unexpected/ar-BBARA03?li=AAgfYGb#image=1