Meet the Mangalorean Saxophonist, Who Is Making Waves All Over India

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The saxophone is a family of woodwind instruments. For saxophonists, it is the ultimate artistic risk. Audiences are often not prepared for the stark power that can be conveyed in a solo sax show, nor for the prolonged concentration required to absorb music that is often far afield from familiar jazz environs. One of such saxophonists, who have created the wave in and around Mangalore is Mr. Prakash Karkala, he is a highly influential figure in Mangalore for the saxophone. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to conduct an interview with him. In conversation with Mr. Prakash Karkala Spoke about his journey:

Tell us about your journey?

I’m born and brought up from a poor family in Karkala. As my Father is a Trumpet player, he had his band team and I started attending programs during my childhood days with him. First I learnt trumpet and played in Orchestra during Ist PUC, papa kehthe hai was my first tune in trumpet. In my own earning and interest I completed SSLC and College. Later, I continued my higher education and completed B.Com and MBA. During college days I learnt saxophone by Mr. Shekar & Pandu from Karkala. After completion of my degree, I worked in Bangalore and Bombay for 8 yrs. Later, I came back to my hometown and learnt Tabla from Madhav Acharya from Music academy Udupi. Initially, I found it difficult to continue only with Tabla due to my financial condition. So I decided to continue Saxophone, I with practiced regularly for 3 to 4 hours. I faced criticism from many, most of them were like after the age of 25 it is very difficult to learn the saxophone, but I never carried negativity with me. I was strong enough and I Learnt and still, I’m learning classical from Vidwan Nagesh Bappanadu (AIR “A”  grade artist & Anusuya Patak(vocal). Right now I’m concentrating on all kinds of Indian Music like Carnatic classical, filmy songs, gazals, Marathi Konkani Abhaangs etc.

I’m the member of a Renowned Band Team at Calicut. I Played for Jago Bharath team of Renowned Talker Chakravarthi Sulibele. I conducted classical and fusion shows all over India like Mumbai, Calicut, Kochin, Belgaum, Bangalore, Mysore etc. I gave the program in many TV Channels, Reality shows. Recently, 93.5 Red FM conducted an interview of mine. I shared the stage with Many music directors like Hamsalekha and also worked with well-known playback singers like Vijaya Prakash, Ajay Warrior, P Susheela. I played for MAHE Alumni Meet 2016 and much more companies get together in around India. Presently, I’m working as Office Suptd., in MITE Moodabidri from past 10 yrs. I find it difficult to manage between service and profession, but I get gentle support from the MITE Chairman, Principal and also from the staff, this immense support from all motivates me to achieve more and more.

Tell us about your family and marriage life?

Annayya Sherigar is my father. He is a Trumpet player and he had his own band team and my mother is Muktha A Sherigar. I have a small family of 4 members my wife Mrs. Jaya Prakash and my children Lahari Prakash and Swaraag Prakash. Recently, I built a new house and we are happy and complete family.

Who is your inspiration?

I’m glad to say that myself is the inspiration to me. My thirsty to play instruments at its best is an inspiration to me. I always aimed to give justice to the Indian Music in the field of classical or Eastern. Trusting the holiness of Lord Paduthirupathi Shreenivasa Venkataramana and his blessings on me is the reason for my success in music.

What made you select saxophone?

By listening to Kadri Gopalnath, an internationally known Saxophone artists for Indian classical music and Kenn G, an internationally known Saxophone artists my interest grew towards Saxophone and also I found Saxophone easier compared to the Trumpet which I was playing earlier.

How many shows you have given till now?

I have given more than 2000 shows all over India like Bombay, Cochin, Mysore, Bangalore, Hubli, Davangere, Shimoga, Kerala, Chennai etc. Show of Alumni meet of MAHE was memorable which was live streaming 150 countries around the world. I was invited to Play for Valentines Day Special episode for Maja Talkies show in Colors Kannada Channel. I also played as a Background Musician in Arun Sagar’s Comedy Circle in Zee Kannada Channel.

How many awards you have bagged till now?

I’m not much bothered about awards. I want to achieve something great in the musical field so that my name remains forever. I want everyone to remember me in the field of music. I have received Devadiga Rathna-2016 awards. Many felicitations from Bhunvanendra Saamscruthika Kendra Karkala, and from  Trustees at Venkataramana Temple Karkala and Friends group Vittla.

How many students your training?

Currently, I have 5 students and many people including people from the different countries have approached me to teach them Saxophone, but due to my busy schedule, I’m not able to teach everyone. In future, if things go smoothly I would love to teach many all the knowledge I have gained in musical filed. I even train my students on how to learn music with patience, dedication and hard work. I don’t charge them in particular, I accept whatever fees they give me.

Your message to youth

Nothing is impossible until you have the dedication towards the goal. Age will not be an obstacle if you have the goal. You need to have a dedication and patience to learn the music and to achieve. Have patience, worship music and the music will take you to the higher level.

Team Naadle wishing you all the best for your growing future!!!! We wish to see you flying higher with the success flag.  

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