Meet Kirik Party Rashmika’s Sister Who Is Cuter Than Her!!!!!

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Rashmika Mandanna is one of the most cutest actress of sandalwood but only few know about her little pumpkin.  Shiman Mandanna is her little pumpkin. She is Rashmika’s most pampered sister. She enter their sweet family on May 2, 2012. She is 5 years old. She was born in Virajpet, a town in Kodagu district, in a Kodava family. 

Shiman Mandanna is a little angel of Mandanna family. Whenever Shiman Mandanna watched Rashmika Mandanna on screen, she just shouts her name with joy & delivers a cute innocent expression. This cute expression of little pumkin makes Rashmika’s day.

Her parents are  A Mandanna and Suman Mandanna and Suman. Rashmika Mandanna resembles her mother. Infact we can call her mother as Senior Sanvi. For them Shiman and Rashmika are the two cutest angel’s in the world.

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