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Know The Man Who Gave Us The Most Cheerful Day Of the Week!!!

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Well, we all know Sunday is a holiday, but never thought why Sunday is a holiday, I thought, I’ll give a thought. First of all, according to Indian Vedic science, each day is dedicated to the major planets. Sunday is for Sun. Sun is considered to be the harbinger of life. Sunday is the day dedicated to Sun god.  In Christianity, God created this world in 6 days, and Sunday he took rest. Christian Prays in Church every Sunday. So, for Pray in Church Sunday is the holiday in Christianity. In most of the ancient civilizations of the world, Sun god was given the prime importance, and people would offer their prayers on Sundays and this tradition was common with most of the ancient civilization. Before going further we must tell you that holiday on Sunday was not announced in a day, in fact, it took 8 long years of legal fight to announce Sunday as a holiday. This legal fight was fought between Narayan Meghaji Lokhande and British Government. During British Govt labor force was much higher in cloth factory in the country. But there was no one who can take stand for these Indian workers. Then, Narayan Meghaji Lokhande was the first person who ever raised his voice for workers and he is also considered as the father of labor movement and also the father of trade union in India. Lokhande believed that there must be a holiday in a week for all the workers because they continuously work all seven days. So, in the year 1881, Lokhande filed the application for the holiday on Sunday for the workers of cloth factory, but British government rejected his application. To get a holiday on Sunday approved was not easy for Lokhande. This movement was started in the year 1881 and end in 1889. So now, you know that Lokhande was the person who gifted us Sunday. He was such a great man, Salute him for his courage and fight for us.

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