India’s First 3D Art Museum At Chennai..!!

India’s First 3D Art Museum At Chennai..!!-naadle
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India’s first 3D art museum opens in Chennai by the name of Click Art Museum. The Museum big pictures with optical illusions and amazing interactive 3D Art, one can click beautiful pictures with the art. A new museum just opened on the East Coast Road in Chennai and no, it is not full of stuffy artefacts. In fact, you and your family are likely to go berserk taking selfies with the interactive 3D art on display here – it is so much fun!!India’s First 3D Art Museum At Chennai..!!-naadle

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Want to Promote your Event, contact Naadle at 9035030300 or Email us at info@naadle.comIn 17th century France and has also been seen in older cities of Rome. Fulfilling his long-term desire to do something unique in the field of art, Shreethar has created the 3D art frames in such a way that every piece is complete only when the viewer enters the frame. AP Shreethar, the man behind the conceptual museum, is a multifaceted self-taught painter and an award-winning filmmaker. He has conducted more than 60 group shows and exhibitions and is also one of the pioneers who bought giclee – a form of fine art digital print – to India.

India’s First 3D Art Museum At Chennai..!!-naadleThere are 24 interactive works at this one-of-a-kind museum in India with only 42 other such museums across 12 countries. The huge life-like idyllic images trick the eyes and recreate scenes into works such as Adam giving an apple, Monalisa with a coffee, Bruce Lee’s kick, a fire-breathing dragon, a selfie clicking Chimpanzee and much more.
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