Don’t Fall For The WhatsApp Gold Scam ..!!

Don't Fall for the WhatsApp Gold Scam ..!!-naadle
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WhatsApp as a medium has become a rather important part of our day-to-day communication, in turn becoming one of the most highly-replicated apps. For example, WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp Gold – update rumours that keep floating on social media. If you have received any message for an update to WhatsApp Gold, then beware, it is a fake forward.Don't Fall for the WhatsApp Gold Scam ..!!-naadle

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WhatsApp Gold that made its appearance in 2016 is back again. Downloading it will only install malware into your phone and even jeopardise your personal data. If the update message says that you will be able to access some premium features such as send photos to 100 people at a time or that you can delete your sent messages at any point of time then it is a hoax.Don't Fall for the WhatsApp Gold Scam ..!!-naadleEither way, the users must keep in mind that any update on WhatsApp will only be available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The tag of ‘forwarded’ that comes along with forwarded messages must also be kept in mind. Users must be wary of such forwarded messages and avoid forwarding them in turn.


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