Do You Know, This International Dolls Museum?

Do You Know, This International Dolls Museum?-naadle
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Shankar’s International Doll Museum, New Delhi, is not simply every girl’s fantasy come true. It houses one of the world’s largest collections of costumed dolls, making it a unique place of learning for people of all ages. Do You Know, This International Dolls Museum?-naadle

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Established in the year 1965, Shankar’s International Dolls Museum is like a dreamland for the children. It is by far the largest Dolls Museum in the country spreading across an area of 5184 square feet. The museum was the brainchild of K.Shankar Pillai (1902 – 1989), better known as Shankar, a famous political cartoonist and founder of the Children’s Book Trust. K.Shankar Pillai conceptualized the idea behind this museum and thus it came to be known as Shankar’s Dolls Museum. Today, it houses almost 6500 exhibits from a total number of 85 nations.Do You Know, This International Dolls Museum?-naadleThe museum has been divided into two halves. One half is for the collection from Europe, the U.S, Australia and New Zealand and the other for the Asian Countries including India. The Indian contribution sums up to around 500 unique dolls dressed up in the Indian attire worn all across the country. Some dolls are also the representation of the different dance forms of India. A “clinic” for the dolls which need restoration can also be found at the museum.Do You Know, This International Dolls Museum?-naadleShankar’s Dolls museum or simply the Doll’s Museum is one of the most visited destinations for children’s day out. Watching such a huge collection of beautiful dolls all together is a delighting experience rejoiced by the children. Not only does it bring joy to their faces but also educates them about a lot many things around the world. So whether or not you are a child, you must visit the Dolls Museum for an experience which is truly one of its kinds!
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