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Divine Rivers Which Are The Jewels Of South Canara..!!

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The rivers in the western ghat generally flow westward meet the Arabian Sea. There are many rivers in a coastal area including Netravati river, Kumaradhara river, Phalguni river, Shambhavi river, Seeta river, Varahi river and Sowparnika river. Some rivers are treated as sacred in this region.

Netravati River

Netravati River originates in the Western Ghats in Bangrabalike forest Valley in Yellaner Ghats of Kudremukha range in Karnataka. The Netravati Merges with the Kumaradhara river near Uppinangadi, After merging this river joins the Arabian Sea. As estimated, this river drains more than 100 TMC of water into the Arabian Sea every year. This River is the main water source to Bantwal and Mangalore. The main occupation of the people who lived in a bank of this river is Agriculture and Fishing. This river is rich in water life.

Kumaradhara River

Kumaradhara river is Southwestern region of Karnataka. It merges the netravati river at uppinangadi before flowing to the Arabian sea. Explorer going to the Kukke Subramanya Temple in Subramanya have to cross the Kumaradhara River, taking a holy bath in it before they go on to the temple to have darshan, a glance from a holy person.

Phalguni River

Palguni river also known as the gurupura river, which originates in the Mangalore, Karnataka in India. Its gets its name from the town gurupura situated in mangalore. This river joins the Arebian sea. The Mangalore port and Mangalore chemicals and fertilizers are situated on its northern bank.

Shambhavi River

The Shambhavi river has its origins at Kuderemuka, Karnataka India. It merges with the Nandini River at Mulki, before flowing into the Arabian Sea, south of Mulki city. This river is the main source of water to many villages nearby the river. River Shambhavi is famous for water sports in India . Main Occupation of people who have in the bank of a shambhi river is fishing and Agriculture.

Seetha River

Seetha river mainly flows in udupi district.This river passes through agumbe forest and flows barkur, hebri and joins suvarna river before joining the Arabian Sea. Seetha River made several waterfalls like kudlu falls, Jomlu teertha falls.

Sowparnika River

Sowparnika River is flowing through kundapura taluk in Udupi. It joins the kubja river, varahi river, and chakra river and then merges into the Arabian sea. It flows near Mookabika Temple Kollur and is considered as a holy river by devotees of the temple. It os believe that a Garuda called Suparna performance a penance on the banks of a river and attained salvation thus become a Sowparnika. It believed that river absorbs the elements of 64 palnts and roots as flows it, therefore it cures the diseases who bath in this river.

Varahi River

Varahi River is one of the important rivers in the state of Karnataka and is named after Varaha, an incarnation of Hindu God Vishnu. The river has its origins in the Western Ghats and it ends in the Arabian Sea. It is also known as the Halady River. The hydrochloric dam in mani dam across the Varahi river. Power generation takes from a ground place.

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