Be A Smart Traveler And Enjoy Your Travels!!!

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A smart traveler usually carries a phone wherever he goes. Phones act as a guide or companion to a traveler. Load these 5 travel apps onto your phone and enjoy your travels!!!

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is a website providing information regarding hotel bookings, honest feedback on food services and also tips on rooms. You can also ask travel questions in the app’s forum. You can also add your own reviews to help the other travelers.

Google Maps

Google Maps is regarded as one of the best navigation apps. It is the best way to discover the destination yourself. Turn on the GPS and find the place you want to travel. You get route options for various modes of transport. You can also find the nearest hotels and restaurants. Don’t forget to add the places you discover for fellow travelers to visit.


Evernote is an app used for making extensive notes when you are traveling. You can also take photos and add audio to them. You can sync this information to your PC or laptop.


Instagram allows you to share your travel experiences with friends. You can also follow people and know their experiences. You can share your photos publicly or privately. Don’t forget to use the hashtag ‘#’ on your photos so that people can find you on Instagram.


WhatsApp is an app used to send text messages, documents, phone contacts, make the voice call and video call etc. It can save your money by eliminating the costly text messages. You can stay in touch with your family and friends by a group on WhatsApp. You just have to get a data pack on your cell phone and remember to use free Wi-Fi available.


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