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Are You Aware Of The Firefly Festival?

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India presents endless varieties of physical features and culture. Languages, religions, dance, music, architecture, and food differ from place to place within the country. India is well known for its traditional and cultural festivals. There are idol worships and meals that have acquired huge fame. The festivals vary in tone, context and motto and one such peculiar festival is the Firefly festival.

The Firefly festival takes place every year in Purushwadi in the month of June. Purushwadi is located about 200 km from Mumbai. The village has been adopted by an organization called Glassroutes, which has been taking care of the village’s tourism for the past five years. It is inhabited by the ‘Hindu Mahadeo Koli’ tribe who are rice cultivators and skilled animal herdsmen.

Purushwadi is home to millions of fireflies and these magical creatures form a spectacle of sorts during their mating season. Fireflies are beetles with wings and are found in tropical and temperate climates. They tend to be brown and soft-bodied often with front wings more leathery than those of other beetles. Light production in fireflies is due to a type of chemical reaction called Bioluminescence. The process occurs in light-emitting organs present on a firefly’s lower abdomen. The light is an important feature of their existence as they use it for communication.

The date of the festival varies from year to year. But it commences during summer, primarily from the month of May-end to mid-June. The sight of fireflies is almost like the scene in the movie ‘Avatar’. Aside from Purushwadi, you can also spot the fireflies in places such as Rajmachi, Prabalmachi, Igatpuri, Malshej Ghat.

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